(X) Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Scanner

Whether you’re digitizing paper records or processing forms and documents to set up new customer accounts, you need a scanner that can get the job done. The right scanner can make your business operations smoother and streamline your document digitization and storage processes! So how do you make sure you’re making the best decisions for your business? Here are the 3 most important questions to ask before you lease a scanner!

Lease or Buy?

First and foremost, you need to ask if leasing a scanner is the right option for you. High quality, high-powered scanners can be a big investment for your company. Generally speaking, investing in equipment by purchasing it means you’re adding a machine that will depreciate over time, drawing out any tax benefit and limiting tax deductions to the usable life of the machine and/or the purchase price of the equipment. Leasing, on the other hand, provides a tax deduction year after year as an ordinary business expense. Depending on your tax strategy and the balance of your business assets, leasing versus buying can be a big decision. Consult your tax preparer or accounting professional to see which option provides the biggest benefit.

Aside from tax benefits, leasing versus buying a scanner presents other opportunities. When you lease a business machine, you get the added benefit of regular maintenance, on-call technical support, and rolling updates. If you buy a scanner, you’ll likely be in the market for a new machine in three to five years. Leasing, on the other hand, means you can upgrade your scanner at any time or pick up a brand new model at the end of your lease term. You can also sign a lease that allows you to purchase the machine at the end of your term, cashing in on the best of both worlds!

Which Scanner Will Meet Our Needs?

When you’re considering a scanner, take into account the number of documents you scan on a weekly basis and multiply it by 52 to get a good idea of how many scans you need to process on an annual basis. Don’t forget about any seasonal surges or periods of low activity as you’re estimating your annual usage. In addition to the overall number of scans you’re processing, consider how many pages each document contains and if you mostly process small scan jobs or documents that are dozens of pages each. If your office doesn’t have a high volume of scans, a multi-function printer might be able to consolidate printing, copying, and scanning into one machine. If you’re digitizing large quantities of pages at a time, however, you might want to consider a high-powered, high-capacity scanner like Panasonic’s KV-S8147. If you need a compact scanner at every workstation, the ScanSnap series from Fujitsu is perfect for your business. 

Finally, do you need a scanner in your office long-term, or do you just need to process lots of documents for a one-time digitization? Check with your business machine leasing company to see if they offer short-term leases and support for these big short-term jobs. At Central Business Equipment, we offer help choosing the right machine and the right lease terms along with ongoing maintenance and support.

Does the Leasing Company Offer Software and Support?

A scanner without software and support to streamline your operations is almost useless. Make sure that the company from which you’re leasing the scanner supports your business with on-call support. The right software can automate your scanning processes and free up your staff to focus on growing your business. At Central Business Equipment, our scanner and software experts can help you choose the right machine and the right software so your scanner works perfectly the first time every time. We value customer relationships – and your success is our business! Look for a company who offers long-term support and partnership – not just a quick sale.

Lease a Scanner with Central Business Equipment

Our office equipment and business machine experts at Central Business Equipment are here to serve you! We’re here to help you choose the best office equipment to make your business run like a well-oiled machine. From planning your office needs to installing new scanners to long-term support for the whole life of the lease, we’re always here for you and your business. Visit or contact us today to experience the top-notch customer service and high-quality office equipment that has made us the leading office equipment and business machine provider in Arkansas!