3 Major Questions to Ask When Buying a Business Copier

If you’re on the hunt for a business copier, but have never purchased one before it can be overwhelming. You don’t want to make a selection blindly, but you probably don’t have time to learn about every single one on the market. If you want to end up with the right copier for you office, you’ll need to be prepared when you start searching. Before you make your purchase, ask yourself a few general questions about exactly what you’re looking for. Your answers will help you narrow down your options and ultimately lead you to making a smart decision when you’re ready to buy.

We’ve even done the hard work for you; here are three things to ask yourself when choosing a business copier.  


1. What are features every standard business copier should have?

When you go out and buy a gadget for your home, you’re faced with different options-take a refrigerator for example. Most modern options feature side-by-side doors, an icemaker, and purified water. These are standard features, but you can opt for more, such as touchscreen doors or a freezer drawer. The same thing goes for copiers.

Your office may not need all the extra bells and whistles an expensive copier can offer you, but you’ll probably want to ensure you are getting all of the standard features in a modern copier. Depending on your office needs and budget, you might want to find a copier that will offer a little extra. As long as you know the bottomline of what to expect, you’ll be aware of what’s worth paying more, and what you should already be getting.


2. Will my office need additional features for maximum productivity?

If you do decide you need a business copier with certain features to maximize productivity in the workplace, what will those be? Maybe you need upgraded features, or even just ones not offered at the cheapest level. Will you need the ability to scan in color? Do you want a multi-functional copier that will also print? What capacity of work does it need to handle?

Upgrading your copier to fit your business needs is the best thing you can do. This will help ensure your copier can handle the work you’re going to give it, reducing downtime, service calls, and loss of productivity.


3. Are we looking to lease or buy the equipment?

Speaking of buying, what does that mean to you? Are you actually wanting to purchase a business copier or do you want to lease it from a business equipment company? There are good reasons behind both choices, but they should be tailored to suit your office. Don’t make a decision without understanding the benefits (and disadvantages) of leasing versus buying. Leasing might cost a little extra per month, but maintenance is often included. Maybe you are an expert at fixing things, so buying might be your best option. If you’re unsure, we can help you explore both sides to help you come to a decision.

There’s no need to spend hours doing research before you buy a business copier; our team at Central Business Equipment is here to help you, after all. However, it will help both of us if you know a little bit about what you need from a copier, so we can help you narrow your options. Want to stop by? We are conveniently located in Little Rock, ready to get your business squared away.