Office Equipment for Lease in Little Rock

Don’t let out-of-date, malfunctioning office equipment keep you from hitting your business goals this year. Faulty, slow equipment slows down progress, frustrates employees, and impacts your bottom line. The right office equipment can help streamline your processes, get products to your customers faster, and save you valuable time and money. 

At Central Business Equipment in Little Rock, we don’t just sell office equipment – we increase productivity and cut costs. We take the time to understand the needs and struggles of your business before offering you the perfect solution. We know business equipment can feel like a big investment – but we offer a variety of payment options, including leasing!

Office Equipment for Lease in Little Rock

When buying outright isn’t an option, CBE offers office equipment for lease in Little Rock. Leasing comes with a variety of benefits as well as allowing you to get the equipment you need for your office now. You’ll end up saving money in the long run with increased productivity and customer satisfaction. 


When you purchase office equipment outright, it’s often considered an IRS recognized purchase. But operating leases are tax-deductible overhead expenses, not IRS recognized purchases! 

Not a Debt, Not a Liability

Operating leases do not appear as debts on your financial statements, which makes your business more lender-friendly. 

Ready When You Need It

Our leasing options give your business the flexibility it needs to quickly respond to evolving customer needs and demands. Don’t lose business and fall further and further behind – get the business equipment you need now


What Is Office Equipment Leasing?

Office equipment leasing is a loan in which the lender (Central Business Equipment in this case) owns the equipment and then rents it to your business at a flat monthly rate for a pre-determined number of months. At the end of your lease, you can purchase your office equipment at fair market value (FMV) or for a fixed or predetermined amount, continue your lease, lease new equipment, or return it and end the arrangement. Leasing is a much more flexible option than traditional financing because at the end of your agreement you can upgrade to new equipment – often for the same monthly cost as with your current equipment! It’s like paying a subscription fee – you get all the benefits that come with your equipment without the worry of depreciation. 

What Are the Benefits of Leasing Office Equipment?

Looking for office equipment for lease in Little Rock? Central Business Equipment has a large selection of printers, copiers, mailing systems, postage meters, and other essential business equipment. 

Increased Financial Flexibility

Since leasing is seen as an overhead expense rather than an extension of your debt, your other lines of credit won’t get tied up when you’re leasing office equipment. This gives your business room to breathe financially. You can use the extra funds for other business needs without having to seek extra financing. Since leased office equipment is paid back monthly as you are using it to effectively generate more revenue for your business, it’s basically pays for itself and comes out a wash. 

Tax Deductions and Write-Offs

Leasing office equipment is a taxable write off for your business. Because the equipment is leased, and not the property of your business, you are not liable for taxes on the equipment. This lowers your taxes owed at the end of your fiscal year, which frees up more revenue to invest in a different aspect of your business. 

Keep Your Equipment (and Your Business) Up-to-Date

As technology advances, it offers ways to increase efficiency and productivity. Staying up-to-date on the latest innovations in business equipment can allow you to meet deadlines sooner, ship products faster, and generally increase the pace of business, giving you an edge over the competition. No one wants to become obsolete, and with the pace of technology innovation increasing, it becomes easier and easier to be left behind and become out-of-date. Leasing allows you to avoid depreciation and being stuck with outdated, expensive office equipment. 

Minimize Loss of Productivity

A great advantage of leasing office equipment is easy replacement in cases of malfunction. Central Business Equipment offers regularly scheduled maintenance as part of our leasing contracts. If something stops working during your contract, and we’re not able to repair it on-site, we will deliver a replacement – free of charge! This means you don’t have to wait weeks for a repairman or find manual workarounds for your business’s processes – saving you and your employees valuable time.  

Boost Company Morale and Productivity

Leasing office equipment means your company can afford more. You may not be able to afford pricey ergonomic chairs for your employees, but you may be able to lease them. Paying for a copier/printer combo with large format capabilities is out of the question – but paying a small monthly fee is much more doable. Better equipment makes your employees’ lives easier and more pleasant which can boost morale and productivity. Give your business’s professional image a boost and increase pride in your company by taking advantage of office equipment for lease in Little Rock.  


Looking for office equipment for lease in Little Rock? Contact Central Business Equipment – we’re happy to talk to you about all of your financing options!