Nowadays, we’re capable of transmitting just about every piece of communication through our smartphones, tablets, and computers. A long shot from the days of “snail mail” & sending important messages through the mail or via fax, we can send a message to someone across the planet that reaches them in milliseconds.

However, you’ll notice that even the most technologically-advanced companies still use printers and copiers on a daily basis

Why is it that printing and copying are still incredibly important functions in the business world? We’ve compiled a list of reasons why prioritizing a high-quality, reliable printing solution is an essential part of your business– to this day and for years to come.


Reading comprehension

Admit it– your attention span has eroded during the past couple of decades, as your screen time increased on a daily basis. We all have so much going on in our lives that it’s difficult to truly sit down and focus on one thing.

We’re accustomed to scrolling through social media platforms and even news sites, scanning headlines and making an assessment in seconds. Reading a full news article is less common than it used to be, with most people spending about one minute on an article before moving on (of course, this varies, depending on the user and the subject matter!)

Multiple studies have concluded that people simply absorb content better when it’s presented on a page, rather than a screen. 

This is why some college students are reluctant to use PDF versions of their textbooks; reading printed material somehow allows for higher brain function and better information retention.



As technology continues to advance, some people feel left in the dust and bewildered by new tech programs and practices.

While it’s incredibly important to remain tech-literate and up-to-date on new trends and developments, it’s true that the printed page is an old, familiar standby that continues to function in the event of network connectivity problems or other tech issues.

A glitch may cause information in the cloud to be lost if it hasn’t been properly backed up, but a printed page– or a book– has the information at your fingertips, accessible even if there’s no Wi-Fi, or even if the power goes out entirely!


The importance of the physical object

While it’s great to conduct a presentation using projected images and materials shared via AirDrop or similar technology, there’s something about physical deliverables that just can’t be beat.

If you’re watching a presentation from a new prospective vendor, would you rather see their technological information on a screen– or receive a beautifully printed booklet outlining all of their capabilities? 

That booklet is likely to stick around a little while longer than a PDF– you might keep it on your desk within reach, allowing it to catch your eye a few times a day. Meanwhile, a PDF (that you don’t make a point to save) might disappear into the ether of your computer’s document storage.


Reach your clients with effective print solutions

Advancing technologies make printing easier every day– with wireless print functions and color-calibration software, creating professional-quality marketing materials right in-house is a very real possibility today (while even just a few years ago, you might’ve needed to outsource the job to a print shop!)

Our industry-certified sales, maintenance, and service staff are experts on the printing solutions that can best meet your business’ needs. Give us a call today to get started!