4 Innovative Ways to Put Your Mail Room Equipment to Use

Mail is a vital component of every business. It keeps us in communication with others, it allows us to send high-priority documents quickly, and it is a method we rely on to ship our products to consumers. Mailroom equipment allows your company to perform these functions efficiently, without single-handley stamping and folding every envelope, losing mail, or delaying delivery. Furthermore, mailroom equipment can be used as a great marketing tool in order to reach customers and clients. Next time you’re sending mail, go beyond an ordinary letter with these four innovative ways to utilize your mailroom.


Promotional Mail-Outs

Sending company mail is easier with mail room equipment such as a postage meter. It will print postage directly on the envelope or postcard you are sending. If you’re trying to send out mass amounts of mail, this can save you a lot of time, which is why they’re great for promotional mail.

We all love a good sale, but anyone can offer a $5 off coupon. Get creative with promotional mail by tying a discount to something current. What if you have a new location opening soon? Notify potential customers by offering the first hundred people a door prize, gift bag, or free drink. In this way, you’ll be raising awareness of your new location while also getting people excited about an exclusive offer.


Advertise By Season

There are plenty of ways to take advantage of changing seasons with your mail room equipment, whatever your business is. Seasonal marketing is allows you to bring in customers interested in sales or specials, while staying in tune with the times. What services does your business offer? Whatever it is, let your customers know that you can do them a service while letting them enjoy the holiday season or letting them beat the summer heat. Utilize tax season to market your tax services or induce customers to spend some of that extra money on a tax season sale.


Send Friendly Reminders

Take customer service to another level by using your mail room equipment to send out friendly reminders. Your client may have an appointment scheduled, a meeting set-up, or a payment due. We all have a million little things to remember throughout the day. Even if we write something into our calendars, it’s easy to get caught up and forget. Your customers and clients will appreciate personalized mail that will remind them of their upcoming commitment.


Personalize Event Invites

These days, we often get invites over email and to RSVP, we just click a button. Is your business hosting a store-opening or some other marketing event? Plan in advance and send personalized invitations through the mail. It lets you get creative with design, gives your guest something to hold onto, and is more personable.


Using Your Mail Room Equipment

No matter how we spin it, work is work. The business mail room will still be the source to send out important documents, legal forms, and much more. Still, we hope these four ideas have shown you that your mail room can be used in a way that will help business while allowing for some creativity…and fun! Central Business Equipment in Little Rock has all the mail room equipment you need to start communicating with clients in a new and innovative way.