4 Ways Business Shredders Promote a Greener Workplace

There’s no denying the amount of waste humans generate; we use, use, and use. Luckily though, the movement to go green(er) is gaining momentum both at home and in the workplace. When we reduce and reuse, we’re helping the world be a better place. Who doesn’t want to join in on that? It sounds like such an easy task, but of course it can be complex and overwhelming.


Going green is something that most businesses can do with the resources they already have. If your office uses a business shredder, then you’re already in the perfect place to begin. You’re probably asking “how is that possible?” Well, we’re glad you asked!


1.Recycle the Shredded Contents

Business shredders can be great for companies looking to reduce waste because they act as a center for material to be recycled. When there’s an easily accessible bin for paper, more people are likely to utilize it. There isn’t a lot of thought involved between putting old documents into a shredder versus a trash can. In other words, there’s not a big learning requirement involved, which is appealing when enacting new processes. Once the shredder is full, you know that the contents can go straight to the recycling bin.


This process is even easier if your business shredder is provided by a shredding company; on a regular basis, they will come to empty the bins throughout the building. From there, they recycle the documents, not you!


2. Monitor What Goes into Business Shredders

It’s important to address a common problem with shared business shredders-sometimes things end up inside of them that do not belong. Business shredders are not a substitute for a trashcan, meaning not all waste should go inside. Even certain types of papers do not belong (such as food contaminated wrappers or napkins) as these items are not recyclable. In order to prevent this problem and maximize your green contribution, raise awareness among the office about what qualifies as a shreddable item and what does not.


3. Reuse with a Community Partner

Depending on the size, needs, and resources of your company, you may decide to find ways to reuse shredded paper. Perhaps your office ships fragile goods, such as glassware or technology gadgets. Business shredders provide the perfect material to pack with and ensure things don’t get jiggled around in transit.


Another way to reuse shredded paper is to find someone in the community who may need it for their business. Local gardens can use the shreds for composting and animal shelters can use them for bedding.


4. Shredding Equals Sustainability

No matter if you recycle the contents of your business shredder or choose to reuse them in some way, your business will be contributing to a greener, more sustainable environment. Both of these methods will utilize old paper, which would have otherwise been trash, into a new product. Best of all, it doesn’t even take up a lot of time, effort, or resources. Going green doesn’t sound so overwhelming after all, does it?

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