5 Tips for Relocating Your Office

Whether you’re growing, right-sizing, or just looking for a better-suited space for your business, relocating your office can be a huge project! From just a few to hundreds of employees, you’ve got to make sure everything is right for a smooth transition. Here are five tips to make sure you’re ready to make a move.

1. Plan Ahead

Nobody wants to start working in a new space with piles of unlabeled boxes and missing office supplies. Don’t leave your planning to the last minute! Consider what office setups will be similar in your new space – and which ones will require significant changes. Planning ahead will go a long way to making sure your new office is as efficient as possible.

Start by mapping out your existing office space. Who sits where? What equipment, supplies, and space does your team need to do its best work? Next, take a look at your new office space and plan what personnel, office equipment, and other moving pieces need to occupy each space. Then, you can plan out how to box up or pack away your office for transport. 

Even if you’re using a moving service or hiring temporary help to complete your relocation, mapping out what goes where is crucial to a smooth transition. Consider using labels – or even colored Post-It notes – to mark each piece of equipment or box of supplies for its new space. Finally, plan the move for a day that is convenient to your staff and won’t present an interruption to your business. 

2. Include Your Team

As you’re planning for the big move, be sure to include your team members. Whether you’ll need their help to load and unload equipment or you’re hiring a moving company, including your team in the planning of your new space will give them a sense of ownership and show them that their input is important to you. You want your new office space to be comfortable and efficient – and no one knows your team’s needs better than the team itself.

Including your team in decision-making early in the process can help challenge your assumptions and design a new workspace that meets everyone’s needs. 

3. Update Your Equipment

Take this opportunity to assess your business equipment – including your computers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, and other electronic or mechanical equipment – and how well it meets the growth needs of your company. There’s no better time to upgrade and update equipment to meet future needs than when you’re planning for a new space. When you’re relocating your office, you may even be able to avoid hauling old office equipment from place to place by opting for delivery of your new machines on the day of your relocation!

Streamline your tech hookup with new office equipment – and easily integrate new machines in your initial setup processes. At Central Business Equipment, we can provide on-site technical support for leased or purchased office equipment on your schedule, making it easy to relocate your office without your business missing a beat! 

4. Make It Your Own

You want to put your business’s distinct stamp on the new office. Plan out your branded signage and customer experience ahead of time to make sure the new space is ready for employees and customers on move-in day. Consider, too, if it’s time to purchase your own office equipment as opposed to continuing equipment leases.

At Central Business Equipment, we can help you find the right equipment for the demands of your team. If you’re ready to buy equipment outright, we can help you select a machine that will serve your business long into the future. Of course, we’re also happy to help design a lease program that meets your business needs. A time of transition gives you the opportunity to explore which of these options is right for you.

5. Let the Pros Help You Make Big Moves

Our office equipment specialists can help you plan ahead for an office relocation. From designing your new office space to equipping your team with highly-efficient, appropriate tools to grow your business, we’re here to help! If you’re considering relocating your office, contact us for a free consultation!