4 Common Complaints Employees Have About Business Printers

At Central Business Equipment, we understand the frustration and inconvenience many business owners have faced when it comes to printers. A business printer is an essential part of your work day.

Have higher standards for your employees. Work doesn’t pause while you struggle to meet the demands of a printer. That’s why our exceptional team provides

  • emergency service,
  • regular maintenance, and
  • technology support when updates are needed.

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1. The printer is more of a let-down than Mariah Carey’s 2017 NYE performance—all love to Mariah, we’ve all had those days.

Seems like every office has that one printer that was supposed to print magic and solve even the accounting department’s problems. Hardly anyone knows how to use it. Rules have to be put in place so only a select few have access to it. In reality it is too delicate to be handled by ordinary office ruffians.

If you paid extra for a business printer with additional features, you’ll be looking to make that investment back by having the printer ready every time your employees need it to jump on an opportunity.

2. Being assigned to setup the new office printer is actually a sentence to weeks of frustration and irritated coworkers.

Just because the wireless network is invisible, doesn’t mean you get to ignore it.

Little do printer manufacturers know, none of your office employees have the time to become experts on this specific printer. Everything from setting up the printer to getting the correct software downloaded and setting up the wireless network seems to take a whole project team.

3. A business printer knows your schedule better than you do, and it is ready to make you late—again.

Despite its unpopular reputation, some employees are convinced that the printer might be the smartest piece of technology in existence. Somehow it knows EXACTLY when a malfunction would be most inconvenient.

4. The printer’s measly attempts at communication are soon to be the end of this relationship.

No one wants the unfortunate experience of being the first employee to get an error message. The few words in the error message that you understand usually end up causing more problems. Again, who has time to get out a manual?

Have higher standards for your employees. At Central Business Equipment we offer emergency service, regular maintenance, and technology support when updates are needed.