Business Printer Etiquette All Employees Should Know

Business printer etiquette can vary based on the kind of industry you are working in and even be specific to a department. Here are a few general rules of printer etiquette every office can benefit from.

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If you’ve got a big print job. Be considerate of smaller, urgent jobs.

Getting a bottleneck of print jobs at the printer is not fun for anyone. Especially those who are on a tight time schedule with only a few documents to print. It is good printer etiquette to let smaller print jobs go first. You’ll appreciate the favor in return in the future.

Got a big print job to do? Try and time it so you won’t inconvenience your coworkers trying to print smaller documents in a hurry. Consider taking a late lunch, using your regular lunch time to do the large print job.

Refill the paper tray.

Use the last of the paper for your print job? Take a few extra moments to refill the paper. No one likes showing up for their print job only to find it has been delayed because of a lack of paper.

When you start a new job, make it a priority to learn how to properly refill the printer with paper and ink. This will help you earn the favor of your new coworkers and prevent you from having an embarrassing printer error during your first weeks on the job.

If you aren’t sure what to do with a print job left in the tray, leave it there.

This rule of business printer etiquette is extra important to remember. You don’t want to be the cause of someone’s misplaced documents.

Don’t walk away from a printer jam.

A challenge is also a great learning opportunity. Maybe the only thing you learn from fixing a printer jam is how much you hate dealing with printers. This small act of ownership and responsibility could be just what your boss is looking for during the next promotion. 

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