4 Questions To Ask When Choosing Business Scanners


As with all office equipment, technology has certainly changed things for the better, and business scanners are no exception. As companies continue to rely on paper less and less, choosing the right business scanner becomes even more important. There’s no shortage of options for purchasing or leasing this important piece of office equipment. Here, we will explore which questions you should ask when choosing a new business scanner.

How much scanning do we do on a regular basis?

Be sure to look at how many pages the business scanners can handle per minute. Faster scanners are more generally more expensive, however, if you have a high output, you’ll need to a scanner with the need for speed. For example, the ScanSnap S1300i can scan twelve double sided pages per minute. You will also want to know if the scanner can accommodate two-sided scanning. If you regularly need the ability to scan on both sides, you’ll need two-sided (or duplex) scanning abilities to maximize speed.

Do we need our scanner to print, copy and fax, too?

 A dedicated scanner is usually the best answer unless your business has very simple scanning needs. In general, office equipment is designed to do one thing very well, and some “all in one” units lack the rich features that can optimize your business processes. In an ideal scenario, you’ll have stand alone business printers and fax machines, also minimizing wait time. If you are tight on office space you may want to consider a combination unit to handle your printing, copying and faxing purposes.

What types of documents do we regularly scan?

The types of documents you are using business scanners for are important for many reasons. If you are scanning photos, you’ll want a scanner with a higher resolution. 600 dots per inch (dpi) is suitable for black and white and standard color documents, but you may want to consider a scanner with higher resolution if your work involves scanning intricate photos or detailed images frequently.

What software compatibilities does our scanner need?

In today’s fast paced business world, time is everything. You need efficient office equipment that eliminates extra steps and gets the job done fast. Business Scanners that utilize optical recognition software can save your scanned documents to Microsoft Word and send Outlook emails at the touch of a button, saving you and your team precious time to meet business goals. Compare the business software you already use with the capabilities of any scanner.

Find the best business scanners for your company

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