How to Avoid Paper Jams in Your Business Printers

It’s a busy day at work and you’re needing to print a lot of different documents for a meeting that is set to start in just a few minutes. You push print, only to find that there’s a paper jam in your business printer that you do not have time to fuss around with. What do you do?


You have probably experienced something like this before-you are just going about your workday only to run into problems that you did not anticipate. Now, instead of getting your work done, you have to spend time researching business printers and how to clear a paper jam before continuing on your way. This can cause unnecessary frustration to your already hectic workday! In order to minimize chances of this occurring, you should know the best ways to prevent and avoid frequent paper jams. When they do (inevitably) happen, which hopefully won’t be often, you should know the easiest way to find the root of the problem in order to get your printer back in working order.


Avoiding and Preventing Jams

Luckily, there are a lot of tips and tricks available to prevent paper jams in business printers. Even better, they’re pretty easy to follow once you’re aware of what they are, as most of them revolve around following basic printer instructions. The first thing to think about in order to avoid paper jams in business printers is the paper you’re using and how you’re using it!


Different printers require different paper, so make sure you’re using the right kind. For example, when picking out paper you’ll see some meant for laser printers and others for inkjet printers. Additionally, paper should always be placed in your printer tray correctly, which can be found in your printer’s guide. You also shouldn’t load damaged paper into the paper tray, as it can clog up and cause a jam during printer. If it’s wrinkled, torn, ripped, or bent, recycle it. Never put too much paper in the tray either; there should be a marker in the paper tray signaling where to stop.


Another way to avoid jams in business printers is to regularly clean the paper rollers. If you don’t, dust and ink can accumulate, which makes it hard for the rollers to pick up and grab paper for printing.


Clearing Jams

If your printer jams and doesn’t have the ability to provide diagnostic guidance to help you clear it, then you’ll be faced with the task of doing so yourself. Before you do anything, turn off the printer to avoid electricity and/or moving parts. You don’t want someone else in the office to try to start printing when you’re in the middle of fixing it.


If you don’t know where the jam is located, the easiest way to find out is to, one by one, open doors and panels of the printer in order to find it. It could be as simple as a jam in the paper tray or it could be paper stuck in the rollers. Once you find it, you can begin carefully clearing the paper out. You’ll want to avoid tugging or forcefully pulling the paper out. After this, turn the printer back on; the jam should be cleared. If not, check to make sure there are no scraps left behind, that paper is loaded correctly, and that the rollers are clean.  


Proper Care for Business Printers

As you can see, avoiding paper jams in business printers is all about proper care and maintenance. When it comes to printing, paper matters. Paper size, type, how it’s loaded in the tray, and more, can be what does (or doesn’t) lead to a jammed printer. If you have questions about your printer, give us a call at 501-833-8150!

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