How to Perform Office Equipment Maintenance Checks

While office equipment maintenance is sometimes included as part of equipment leasing or contracts, that doesn’t mean employees in your office shouldn’t do their part in regards to office equipment maintenance on a regular schedule. Routinely performing maintenance checks will keep your equipment in good, working condition for as long as possible. When multiple people are using the same equipment, such as copiers, scanners, and printers, for high-volume services, then wear and tear will happen at a quicker rate. With regular office equipment maintenance checks, you can slow the wear that occurs and avoid costly problems and damages. Here’s what to consider when performing maintenance checks.


Designate Jobs to Employees

The key to performing regular office equipment maintenance is to have everyone in the office on board. Otherwise, it’s going to go forgotten or neglected. Everyone needs to contribute to keeping office machinery in working order, not just a select few, that way the workload will be evenly dispersed and easy to remember among workers. For example, tasks can be divided in terms of filling the paper tray when it’s empty, loading the ink, running the warm-up test in the morning, when it’s time to reorder supplies, removing dust from machine surfaces, and even who’s in charge of calling professional help when the need arises.


Don’t Ignore Alerts

Office equipment maintenance doesn’t have to be a guessing game or something that has to be done blindly with no guidance. Luckily, technology makes it easier for us to know when something is going wrong or when something needs to be tended to. You’ve probably seen alerts pop-up on your printer or fax machine when paper is low or ink levels are running dry. It’s possible you’ve ignored them before, too. The different kinds of alerts that appear on office machines are there for a reason. They signal the opportune time to tend to your machine’s needs,  in order to extend its lifespan. Pay attention to these alerts and don’t let them go by unnoticed for too long.


Scheduled Office Equipment Maintenance

Performing office equipment maintenance on a schedule is crucial to detect small problems before they turn into large, expensive, and possibly destructive ones. For your office, this means creating a schedule for employees to follow to perform maintenance checks. It can be as general or as specific as possible, but it should definitely serve as a reminder for employees to do their part in keeping machinery in good condition.


Of course, professional equipment maintenance is also necessary and should be scheduled on a regular-basis; typically, every six months will suffice. At other times, things will go wrong when you least expect it, so knowing who to call to have a look at issues as they appear is important. At Central Business Equipment in Little Rock, we’re equipped to handle problems ranging from scanners, printers, business shredders, and more. Whether you’re needing maintenance or new equipment, we can help! If you have questions, don’t be afraid to give us a call at 501-833-8150.