How to Prepare for Office Equipment Installation

The office equipment installation process has the potential to disrupt the day-to-day operations of your working environment. While new equipment is being installed, you’re left in an interim without the ability to use those beloved machine functions, such as printing, scanning, copying, and more. This can cause a lot of chaos and anxiety throughout the office if there’s no planning involved in the days before office equipment installation begins.


In order to lessen the chances of all-out disarray, we have a few suggestions on how to prepare for the change of pace brought on by installation day.


Announce the Big Day

Before office equipment installation day arrives, make sure to announce it to everyone who will be affected by it. If people in the office are aware of what’s going on, they’ll be in a much better position to plan for and around it. The timing of the announcement is crucial, of course. You can email everyone the morning of, but that won’t give anyone the time needed to sort out their work affairs. When making an announcement such as this, do so at least a week in advance, maybe more. Then, send a reminder a few days ahead until finally, you send a last call reminder before the installation company arrives. By doing this, you give everyone an ample amount of time to make adjustments to their work schedule, which reduces the chances of an unproductive workday while the new machines are getting installed.


Make Plans Ahead of Time

Now that everyone is aware of the upcoming installation day, plans can be made ahead of time. Maybe your department is approaching month-end deadlines and everyone usually needs the same multi-purpose machine in order to get their jobs done. Instead of waiting until last minute, they can now work out a schedule a few days in advance to ensure they’re prepared as usual. Sorting out a scheduled plan ahead of time will help to keep things in order. If there’s a big meeting coming up, then anyone not involved in the meeting can use the office equipment during those times and vice versa.  


Clear Out the Work Area

Last but not least, you can help the office equipment installation process go quickly by preparing for it ahead of time. What does that entail? Mainly, it means clearing the way ahead of time.


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