How to Spice up Your Video Meetings for the Holidays

As the holiday season rapidly approaches and the pandemic rages on we’re all spending more time than ever in video meetings. End of year wrap ups, quarterly check-ins, status checks, customer calls, yearly clean-ups, process dives, and holiday parties – it can all start to feel like a Brady-Bunch-block-of-faces blur. 

So break up the tedium by doing something special for the holidays! Sending a card to your remote employees is great, but there are lots of other ways to make sure your team feels appreciated and included this holiday season. Implement some of these ideas to make your end-of-year rush of meetings a little more “merry and bright!”

Share Photos and Videos

If some of your employees are in office and others are out, make sure your remote employees aren’t missing out on the holiday fun! Send pictures and videos of your office decorations, holiday treats, santa and elf hats – whatever you’re doing to celebrate! And encourage them to do the same. 

If you’re all remote, encourage distance holiday bake-offs, ornament making, or decorating competitions (voluntary of course) and share pictures and videos of their accomplishments! Host a video tour of headquarters, ask for tours of lit up neighborhoods or other holiday-themed fun, create a shared drive on dropbox, or post pics in Slack or Asana.

Including people in your everyday holiday fun and inviting them to share heir own traditions is a great way to facilitate connection and grow your company culture in a time that’s very distanced and isolating for your remote employees. Company culture should include everyone – so get creative!

Send a Care Package

Tis the season! Everyone likes getting gifts – and receiving a surprise in the mail can be a lovely treat during what is often a stressful time of year for your team. Send out little boxes of christmas cards, candy, peppermint-scented hand sanitizer – small thoughtful things can make a huge difference. 

In the same vein, you can also encourage Secret Santa exchanges! To keep from burdening your team with postage and shipping details and costs, have employees choose what they want to send from a curated Amazon wishlist list or a list of items the company can ship for them. 

When everyone has their packages, have a video call and open them together! It’s a bonding experience and a treat!

Bring Your Game Face

Invite your employees to participate in office celebrations by video and host holiday-themed game times! Pictionary, charades, and bingo are all incredibly conducive to video and can be extremely fun and funny. Games are a great icebreaker because they allow people to be silly and competitive and work together as a team. 

Treat Employees to a Truly Socially Distanced Party

Sometimes the best video meeting…is no meeting at all. We all have our own family stresses to deal with at this time of year – and that’s on top of dealing with regular work stress and pandemic burnout. You can never go wrongwith sending your remote employees a giftcard for doordash or to buy a few drinks on you. Give them time off and away from the screen to spend with their families or on much needed self-care, and you’ll see a marked improvement in morale and productivity.

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