Leasing Mail Room Equipment in Little Rock | What We Love About The MailRoom Scene In The Movie Elf (2003)

At Central Business Equipment, we live for optimized and efficient mailrooms in Little Rock. We love helping businesses take their mailroom to the next level with efficient mailroom equipment and proper maintenance. They end up saving money, increasing their capacity, and more. 

Elf is a beloved Christmas movie starring Will Farrell released in 2003. It is our favorite movie with a mailroom to date. Here are a few reasons we love the mailroom in the movie Elf. 

They had a really large workstation. 

The key to an efficient mailroom is having enough space for everything to run efficiently. Sometimes the most difficult hiccup in a mailroom is employees not having enough room to work and rearranging the setup. 

You know you have a good mailroom when it’s easy to work in. Each employee knows where to work or how the mailroom is set up to run. 

A large table is a great sign that each employee had space to package, label, sort, and more. 

The mailroom was part of the “swirly twirly” error.

True Elf fans want to know; Was it the “swirly twirly” gumdrops or the “twirly swirly” gumdrops. It was only the latter at the very end of the movie when Buddy was reading the book at Gimbels. In the mailroom, when he was explaining his journey to his best friend, Mark Acheson, it was “swirly twirly.” 

Every Christmas season, fans rewatching this movie lose sleep over this discrepancy. 

We trust the mailroom scene, but we’d like to see some hard evidence before we take sides. 

Buddy’s best friend is totally 26. 

Speaking of Mark Archeson, he looks 26 right? This joke was almost too small to be noticed. According to Mental Floss, executives almost had it cut because it looked like an error. 

We get it. No one ages in the mailroom.