Mail Room Equipment Maintenance in Little Rock | Maintaining An Efficient Mailroom

Your mailroom is the hub of shipments, personalized communication and more for the whole company. If it runs efficiently, everyone can rest easy knowing at least that aspect of their job is taken care of. 

How do you spot an efficient mailroom? It is easy to keep up with. Everything has a place and the layout is easy for every employee to navigate. 

Bonus if it looks organized! Perhaps an efficient mailroom might be just the motivation the rest of your office needs to organize their own space. 

Here are a few tips on maintaining an efficient mailroom. 


1. Have storage space that can be adjusted to fit new needs. 

The classic mailroom shelving system isn’t the best fit for every company. New projects demand more room or more slots for mail organization. It is essential that your storage can be adjusted to fit the needs of your company as your company grows and undertakes new projects.


2. Avoid catch-all junk drawers. 

Make sure everything that is needed in the mailroom has a place to be stored. Try to avoid junk drawers. Junk drawers are super helpful at home. They are the hero catch-all that helps you maintain your sanity and keep up with odds and ends. 

In the mailroom, however, a junk drawer would not be helpful. Everything needs a place. Even mail packaging material that only gets used on holidays. 


3. Organize a mailroom with a new employee in mind. 

Organize the mailroom with a new employee or intern in mind. Somehow, with no knowledge of how things are run, they need to mail something with no supervision. How would they use a mailroom? 


4. Use a station system. 

Shredding? Packaging? Labeling? All these tasks should have a free-standing station. If that isn’t possible. At least provide some counter space that is designed for just that task. Everything an employee would need to calculate postage for box a shipment is right in one place. – You may need multiple tape dispensers to accomplish this. 

Stations will also help you narrow down any errors your mailroom is experiencing. Shredder acting up? Only the trash and recycling station will be affected. You can call the maintenance team right away. 


5. Have stations for important mailing projects. 

Bills and payments? If you have the space, try and create a space to ensure all your companies most important mail is received and mailed on time. You will be thanking yourself for the efficient system should something important get lost in transit. All the info on its whereabouts will be easy to access.