4 Reasons Why The Mail Room Is Still Important In The Digital Age

When email became popular, many thought snail mail would fade out. Mailroom clerks everywhere faced the small possibility that their jobs, and their mailroom equipment, would end up in a museum. However, there is one thing that kept the mailroom going. Mailroom clerks know the value of a letter. Mail isn’t just used to communicate, it is used to send thoughtful notes, important documents, and more.

Here are a few reasons why the mail room is still important.

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1. Mail is a great way to build personal business connections.

Many business owners and successful networkers know the value of a kind “thank you” note. A personalized letter in the mail is more meaningful to receive than an email. Mail is also more likely to stay on the desk of your potential client or new business connection longer than an email. This leaves a better chance for your business to cross their mind more often—more than a glance in their inbox.

2. There is more creative freedom in sending snail mail.

Email is very restricted as far as design goes. They are not as flexible or interactive as a web page. With physical mail you have many options. Do you want to send a large envelope? A postcard? Depending on the type of business you are trying to conduct, you have many options.

Perhaps you want to make a statement? Some universities add celebratory additions, like confetti, for the accepted student to celebrate. Maybe your type of business could benefit from going above and beyond by creating a beautiful notecard to send.

3. No need to deal with spam filters.

Even the most genuine, authentic businesses get trapped in the spam filter. Mail eliminates being flagged as spam. Your promotional mail might end up in the trash if it doesn’t reach the right audience, or is poorly designed. You will still be seen by the recipient.

While they are considering your business, recipients will continue to see your mail either sitting on their desk or somewhere in their home office. This placement is very valuable when it comes to advertising.

4. Use mail to grow your business in a brick and mortar store.

Need some help drawing in customers to your store? Mail discount codes or coupons that can only be used in person.

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