Make the Office More Secure with Business Shredders

We deal with confidential information on a daily basis when we are at work. New employees fill out paperwork with their social security numbers, we receive files with our customer’s personal information on them, and financial documents are thrown into the shuffle too.

As companies grow, file cabinets are no longer a safe option to store private information. They take up space, create clutter, and more importantly, they can easily be broken into. That’s why business shredders are becoming a popular commodity in offices; they make it easy to destroy sensitive information, making the office a more secure work environment.


Documents to Shred

Offices receive all kinds of documents on a daily basis. Tax returns, credit card statements, anything with contact information, financial reports, copies of photo IDs, and employee records are just a few different kinds of things that belong in a shredder.


Protect Employee Information

As an employer, it’s your job to make sure that your employees are taken care of, no matter how menial it may seem. That includes safely disposing of anything that concerns them, such as pay stubs or voided checks, copies of identification cards, and other personal records. Business shredders will make documents unreadable, while trash cans make it possible for anything to get swept up and taken.


Keep Customers and Clients Safe

Customers are an integral part of any company. Without them, we would all be out of business; this isn’t new news. Our jobs aren’t finished just because a customer walks out of our building. If they’ve disclosed personal information with us, we have to make sure it’s properly stored away. Or, we have to make sure it’s properly thrown away. We have to protect them from problems like identity theft or credit card theft. The best way to dispose of sensitive information is with a business shredder. What was once a card number would turn into a jumble of numbers that would mean nothing if someone ever got ahold of the pieces of paper.


Legal Responsibility

As an employee or owner of a business, it’s your job to keep company or customer information confidential! In fact, it is a legal responsibility for you not to let private information find its way into the public. Customers and clients expect privacy when they conduct business with you.


Eliminate Risk

Business shredders help to eliminate risk in the office when it comes to stolen information; whether it’s an employee’s, a customer’s, or the company’s information, it will have negative consequences on the business as a whole if it gets out. Things like identity theft or credit card fraud happen because the wrong people get their hands on private information.


Finding the Right Business Shredder

If you’re ready to make the office more secure, stop by Central Business Equipment in Little Rock, or call us at 501-833-8150. We can help you determine what size shredder your company needs to ensure paperwork is getting disposed of in a safe and secure manner.