Your Day at Work According to Characters from “The Office”

It’s almost 2018, and if you haven’t seen “The Office” yet, then you are one of the few lucky citizens of Earth. Why is that? Because most people don’t have the joy of watching the American version of “The Office” TV show for first time again. And if you are like the majority of Netflix binge watchers, this post will speak loud and proud to you. Here at Central Business Equipment, we have finely described your office work day according to the characters from the hit sitcom. Which character are you?

When You are Jim Halpert

Jim is the office prankster. He’s happy, he’s easy going, but he’s very knowledgeable in what he does. Unfortunately he’s not very productive. So how do you know if you are a Jim Halpert? If others can find staplers and maybe other office equipment in jello because of you, then bingo. You’re Jim Halpert. As much as you love having a job, you are always wondering if there is something bigger and better for you. But instead of thinking too much about it, you spend the day pranking your coworkers.

When You are Dwight Schrute

You start the day off with an excellent breakfast of pride, determination, and beets. When you get to the office, you throw your briefcase on your desk and you do what you do best. And that is your job. That is exactly the mindset of a Dwight Schrute. You’re a no nonsense type of person, while at times being the perpetrator of nonsense. You are always on high productivity, just like the office equipment around you.

When You are Michael Scott

You’re the gears that keep your office going. You could be described as impractical, often unusual, and if most people’s reactions to the words coming out of your mouth is “why would you say that”, then you’re a real Michael Scott. But don’t take that personally. Without you the office would fall apart (just watch season 8).  If you were an office equipment, you would be the copier that keeps the company going.

When You are Stanley Hudson

It’s 4:57 PM and you have been staring at the clock for approximately an hour. Well, if we want to be correct you’ve been staring at the clock for about four minutes, but it’s felt like an hour. Yet you notice something strange. Your computer clock says 4:57, but the clock on the wall says 5:00. You calmly grab your briefcase and coat because it’s time to go home to the weekend. On your way out you stiff arm your coworkers asking if you can help with the expense report on office equipment. That can wait until Monday.