Things You Can Do To Increase Office Productivity

The productivity buzzword is everything in office environments these days. If you are an office manager, you’ve probably heard all kinds of tips and advice to keep your office running effectively.

All the information can be a little overwhelming.

CBE offers professional office equipment installation. We know how important properly functioning office equipment is to your businesses’ productivity.

Working in the business of office equipment installation, we’ve seen the inside of a few offices. Here are a few observations we’ve made about productivity tips that seem to work.

Remove dead bugs from the light fixtures.

Not many people notice the lifeless critters in the light fixtures. However, for the people that do notice, it can be very unsettling.

Ask around for solutions—or maybe volunteers. If the company you hired to clean your office doesn’t offer dead bug removal as a service, see if an exterminator is right for the job. If not, do it yourself and bring up the experience every chance you get to showcase your commitment to office management and productivity improvement.

Make the most of natural lighting.

Natural lighting has been proven to do wonders for productivity. So much so many offices use lights to mimic sunlight throughout the building. Proper lighting is essential for everything from boosting the mood of your employees, to seeing proper coloring on a design project.

Decorate with REAL plants and water them appropriately.

Decorate the office with plants, art and decor that reflect your business values. The same way a creative company would decorate with bold colors and modern decor, a law firm might highlight professionalism and smart design solutions.

Live plants can make your office feel less dull. This encourages employees to enjoy their work environment. Just make sure to care for them properly. Dead plants are not good for office morale or productivity.

Accommodate for employees.

At the very basics, your employees need an environment where they can get work done. It is essential that they have access to functioning office equipment that is installed properly and is ready to use when needed.

They will also appreciate flexible hours. Many people have peak performance hours. On the other hand, teams only work well when they can actually work together. Communicate working hours to accommodate for every department’s needs.  

They will also appreciate the freedom to decorate their desks however they want. Encourage them to add lighting if needed, photos and decor to personalize the space, and more.

Map out the carpet snags in your office.

Here is a unique idea. We see lots of carpet snags in the offices we go to an office equipment installation. They are very normal and easy to overlook. Sometimes it’s the small things, like uniting employees in an appropriate inside joke, that will encourage them to perform—or just work well as a team.

Keep a detailed record and map of all the carpet snags in your office. Name them like you would a meeting room. When you are giving directions to a new employee, use the snags as landmarks.

We don’t know that any of this will actually help.

If you put it to the test, let us know how it goes.