3 Office Equipment Leasing Myths – Exposed!

Despite the benefits of office equipment leasing, there are many myths that keep business owners from taking the leap. Leasing office equipment doesn’t have to be pricey, complicated, or keep you from having the most innovative technologies at your fingertips. Central Business Equipment is here to debunk these myths and help you decide if leasing is the right choice for your office equipment needs.

Office Equipment Leasing is Expensive!

Many business owners assume it is always more expensive to lease office equipment, such as a business copier or scanner, rather than purchase it outright. However, holding onto old, slow business equipment because you bought it can slow down your progress in reaching your business goals. Leasing office equipment offers financial advantages by:

  • Stabilizing your cash flow by avoiding large purchases
  • Providing tax-deductible overhead expenses with operating leases
  • Servicing office equipment installation and maintenance support needs, rather than outsourcing another third party vendor

Leasing is a Burden.

You might think, “I’d rather just buy that business printer and install it myself. Financing the equipment is going to be a hassle.” It doesn’t have to be. When you lease office equipment with a reputable business, getting approved for a lease is often as simple as applying for a credit card. Many companies offer perks to leasing office equipment such as:

  • Flexible financing options
  • Lease-to-own programs
  • A range of payment plans
  • Customer support throughout the duration of the lease

Leasing Makes it Hard to Upgrade

In this innovative age, technology changes faster than most of us can keep up. There are attendance tracking solutions that use facial recognition and mail room equipment that makes even modern post office procedures look cumbersome. As new office equipment technologies appear, businesses have no choice but to upgrade to stay ahead of the competition. Office equipment leasing programs often provide options to accommodate and promote upgrading, even without raising your monthly payment.  

Save Time and Money with the Right Vendor

Are you ready to optimize your business processes and meet sales goals by having the right office equipment at the right time? Central Business Equipment, located in the Little Rock metro area is ready to help you meet your goals. Our team provides world class customer service before, during, and after you sign any office equipment lease. Contact us today on our website or swing by our Facebook page to learn more about our products and discuss innovative financing options to fit your needs.