Office Equipment Maintenance in Little Rock | Tips On Cleaning Your Scanner

Scanners are important pieces of equipment in your office. Keeping them clean means prolonging your investment and giving everyone in the office access to a very useful tool. 

Did you find this article in a crisis? If you’ve got a coffee-soaked scanner standing before you and no one around to help, here are a few tips. 

Remember: Scanners Are Expensive

Office scanners are large and one of the more pricey pieces of equipment in your office. If you spill something on the scanner, or it gets damaged, you need to tell an office manager right away. 

As much as we love to cover our less-than-smooth moments. Owning up to this mistake is your best move. Even if it means being the main source of humor in the break room for a few months or even gaining earning a career-long nickname

Things To Avoid

Don’t start pushing buttons. The first thing you want to do is unplug the scanner. You can minimize the damage to the electrical components of the scanner by turning them off. Unplugging the scanner is the quickest way to do this. 

The nearest cleaning agent is not your best bet. You’ll need gentle, yet effective cleaners to clean your scanner. Use the wrong one and you’ll leave streaks or damage sensitive parts. The same goes for cloth and paper towels. 

Avoid using compressed air. Seems like a great solution right? Compressed air will dust off the scanner. No cleaning agents or cloths will be needed. This is not a good idea. The compressed air could just blow the dust deeper into the scanner. 

If you find yourself needing to disassemble the scanner, stop. Please don’t begin the process of taking apart an office scanner on your own. Even if you are perfectly capable, accidents happen. Since all scanners are different, it’s nearly impossible to predict the right course of action. 

Use A Search Engine

The internet is full of helpful blogs and forums. However, you shouldn’t take advice from anyone discussing scanners in general (like this one). Find a source that is specific to your scanner. Make, model, and year. 

You’re not searching for a needle in a haystack. Chances are, you’ll find help. Or at least, someone to confirm that calling in a specialist is necessary. 

Call A Specialist. 

All the office equipment in your office should be getting regular maintenance from a professional. Most offices have someone on standby to help with scanners and other equipment. Investing in expensive equipment for your office doesn’t make much sense if you don’t have a maintenance plan in place. 

Regular office equipment maintenance means your scanner will be in good working condition. Any problems will be handled early on. This way when a scanner is damaged, say someone spills coffee, the damage can be properly handled with no surprises.