What Office Equipment Do You Really Need?

How do you prepare your office for the work day? Having essential equipment to complete your day-to-day tasks can make a difference in your employees’ work environments. It can increase productivity knowing that you have quality and dependable office equipment to meet your company’s needs. But are all your bases covered? If you are having trouble deciding on what basic office equipment is the right choice, let us help you!

Get Your Small Talk Ready For the Copy Room

Copiers, printers, and scanners can be your office backbone. In a digital world there is still a need for hard copies. Knowing your business’s printing needs vary from client to client. Are you a small one man army, or are you a workforce of go-getters? Here are some questions you should ask yourself when you are expanding your office equipment to printers.

  • How many employees will be using the printer? Small or medium sized offices might not need as many printers as a corporate office in a high rise building. Knowing how many employees will use the printer can give you an estimate on how many times the paper tray will need to be refilled.
  • Are you mostly printing text or do you need to print full size images as well? Consider the volume of paper being printed, and how fast you would like your printer to work.
  • Will you benefit from having separate printers, copiers, or scanners, or would you like to invest in a machine that can do all three?
  • A printer is a piece of office equipment that requires more than just maintenance. There are recurring supplies such as ink, toner, paper, or card stock. How does this fit into your budget?

Looking at those points you might be nodding your head to some and shaking your head to the other, but the best printer for you will not only fit your needs, but also your budget. If you are considering leasing your office equipment, click here.

The Shredder

Not only is producing hard copies important, but securely getting rid of paper is, too. A shredder is a key office equipment that disposes of sensitive material. Still not sure if you want to invest in one?

  1. It’s safe! In a world where data is so readily obtained, you want to keep your information secure. Properly handling your papers will make you feel more comfortable about potential identity theft. From personal information like addresses, bank accounts and credit card numbers to client information, it’s important to properly discard this sensitive information.
  2. Do you have government documents that need to be handled? Or information from previous employees that no longer need to be filed? Easily discard them in paper shredders.
  3. The convenience of having a shredder in your office means you don’t have to wait for your paper to be destroyed. The longer you wait, the more chances papers can be mixed up and overlooked. Having a shredder in-house means that it can be destroyed right then and there. No more piles, and no more clutter.
  4. It prevents theft from dumpster divers, or anyone that might stumble upon sensitive information if it’s discarded and unprotected.