Scanners are one of those things around the office that tend to get taken for granted.

If you use a scanner every day, chances are pretty good that you don’t think much about the inner workings of the machine– until, one day, it stops working.

Encountering scanner issues can throw a major wrench in your productivity for the day, and as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s why we’ve compiled some helpful scanner maintenance tips to help keep your workday productive and as stress-free as possible!

Pay attention to the drive rollers


The drive rollers are an important part of your scanner. They’re used to grab paper and feed it smoothly through the machine to ensure high-quality scans.

These rollers are set to apply just the right amount of pressure to grab just one sheet of paper from a stack, which means that they’re pretty sensitive.

The drive rollers should be handled with care, and you should pay attention to any errors that your scanner might encounter. 

For example, you might be dealing with repeated paper jams, or your scanner might display error messages indicating that the machine requires cleaning.

It’s important to clean the rollers properly to avoid causing further damage. Because they come in contact with so much paper, it’s possible for them to accumulate ink and debris buildup, which affects their ability to function properly.

In order to clean them, you’ll just need a clean, lint-free cloth and water. You shouldn’t use any kind of cleaner on these delicate pieces of equipment– really, plain water will work just fine!

Keep it clean

This one seems obvious, but basic cleaning often falls by the wayside during the course of a busy work week. Nobody wants to take time out of their day to wipe down the scanner when the phones are ringing off the hook and they’ve got inboxes full of unread emails!

But taking the time at least once a week to gently clean the scanner– inside and outside– will prevent debris and dust buildup that might negatively impact scan quality.

It’ll also help keep everything running the way it should, since accumulated debris can do damage to the inner workings of your scanner.

Follow the rules

Your scanner most likely came with an operator’s manual, which should contain tips on maintenance. Most scanners operate in a similar way, so our general tips can help you get the job done, but your model’s operator’s manual might contain information specific to the machine you have– so make sure to check it out!

Leave it to the pros

Like most tech equipment, scanners are made up of many small, sensitive, and fragile parts. The scanning mechanism itself relies on a system of mirrors and light sensors, and the drive, pick and brake rollers are all calibrated in a specific way to ensure maximum efficiency.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, opening up the scanner and cleaning the inside, including the rollers, could actually cause damage rather than preventing it.

So while you should educate yourself on how to maintain and care for your scanner yourself, it’s worth it to seek a professional’s help with cleaning and maintaining your scanner.

At Central Business Equipment, our expert maintenance staff is here to help answer any questions you might have about your scanner– or any other office equipment. Just give us a call today to get started!