Should You Buy Pre-Owned Office Equipment?

Your business needs equipment that works – from printers and scanners to postage machines and shredders. Brand-new office equipment isn’t always in the budget, but your business can still equip itself with machines that get the job done. You can find reliable business solutions at a significant savings – without the worry – by buying pre-owned office equipment from a licensed and reputable dealer like Central Business Equipment.

Save Money with Pre-Owned Office Equipment

Buying pre-owned office equipment can help you get the machines you need to keep your business running – without breaking the bank. By buying pre-owned equipment, you can skip the showroom price tag and secure a refurbished machine that works for your business. As Arkansas’s premier office equipment retailer and service provider, Central Business Equipment has a wide range of pre-owned office machines ready to meet your needs. 


Buying pre-owned office equipment is a lot like buying a pre-owned or program car! You get the reliability of a professionally-refurbished machine without the sticker shock of a showroom floor. Previous-year models or equipment that was under a one-year, two-year, or three-year lease can provide big up-front savings for your business. Those savings could mean you’re able to purchase a bigger, better office machine to meet your needs long-term.

How to Get a Great Deal on Great Equipment

How do you know if you’re getting a great deal or buying a real lemon? Follow these tips to make sure your pre-owned office equipment shows up ready to work:


  • Only buy equipment that has been stored in a climate-controlled environment. Machines that have been stored outside or in humid environments could be damaged or defective. Even a standard storage unit could introduce office machines to environmental hazards that affect the lifespan of the equipment.
  • Make sure the model and serial numbers are intact and readable. These markings ensure that you can easily service the machine and find correct parts. Missing, scratched-off, or rubbed-out serial numbers could also be an indicator that the machine was stolen!
  • Get the owner’s manual and all of the cables that go with the machine. You may need to reference the original manual and want to make sure the machine is ready to plug in and get to work.
  • Check for how heavily the machine was used. The lifetime of a photocopier or scanner is often determined by how many total impressions the machine can handle. A high average volume of prints or impressions could impact how long the machine will last.
  • Most importantly: Buy from a reputable, certified dealer. Central Business Equipment professionally refurbishes office equipment and machines to the manufacturer’s standards and is ready to service and outfit your machine with everything it needs.

Refurbished Pre-Owned Equipment You Can Trust

Central Business Equipment is a certified and preferred dealer of Muratec, Kyocera, MBM, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Acroprint, and FP equipment. When you’re searching for pre-owned office equipment, you can trust our certified professionals to refurbish and prepare new-to-you equipment and stand behind their work. By choosing a certified and/or licensed reseller, you also access any guarantees and warranties provided by the manufacturer.


Don’t make the mistake of finding equipment at second-hand stores or informal online platforms; buying from somewhere other than a reputable dealer means you might be buying damaged goods without the assurance that they’ve been properly refurbished. You’re shopping for pre-owned office equipment to save money, not spend it twice.

Office Equipment Professionals Ready to Help You

At Central Business Equipment, our industry-certified sales, maintenance, and service professionals have over thirty years of experience helping businesses like yours meet their office equipment needs. With a convenient central Arkansas location and service teams that come to you, we pride ourselves in being great partners for all the businesses we serve.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current office equipment, lease equipment long- or short-term, or purchase certified refurbished pre-owned equipment, we’re here to help! Contact us today for a consultation or to see what office machines we have available for sale or lease.