Signs It’s Time for Office Equipment Maintenance

A bustling office uses a variety of different machinery to get the job done, sharing things like printers and fax machines with multiple people within a department. The more you use something, the quicker it will show signs of wear, but regular office equipment maintenance will prevent any out of order signs from being taped to the scanner and left to sit. Having an awareness about things that signify the need for office equipment maintenance will keep the office running smoothly, with minimal machine downtime.


1. Your machine is beeping at you.

Obviously this is going to be the best indicator that you need some form of office equipment maintenance. Ignoring these warnings can cause damage to the equipment, which could result in the need for all new machinery. Depending on why your machine is alerting you for service, you may be able to fix the problem itself. It could be something as simple as refilling the ink or it might be jam that you are unable to clear. If that’s the case, notify your co-workers not to use the machine, and call in a specialist to help.


2. The printer screeches anytime it’s in use.

If your printer is working, but squawking like a bird anytime it prints, then something is wrong. More than likely, all it needs is to be lubricated, so that its rollers aren’t grinding together and creating unnecessary wear. You know how a vehicle needs oil to run and extend the lifespan of its engine? A printer works in a similar way.


3. It’s due for office equipment maintenance.

Some office equipment is leased out and comes with semi-annually or annual maintenance contracts. However, even if your equipment isn’t leased or doesn’t have a maintenance contract, it’s a good idea to perform office equipment maintenance every six months or so. Maintenance needs may vary depending on type of equipment, like a postage meter or a scanner, so check the equipment manual or contact the vendor its from.


4. There’s been an especially heavy workload.

Most office machines are meant to handle a larger workload, but when deadlines are approaching, and we need a ton of copies of reports, end of month statements, and so on, the excess can take a toll on our printers and scanners! If you office machines are getting a lot of “hours” in at work, double-check to see if they need any extra care!


5. Things Are Going Haywire.

It happens. Your printer alerts tells you that there’s a jam in the tray, but when you look, there’s no jam. Or, you try to print something, and ink splatters everywhere. Regular office equipment maintenance is important, but sometimes, things have a mind of their own and go haywire! This is when it’s probably going to be your best bet to call a professional and have them take a look at the problem.

Proper office equipment maintenance plays a key role in extending the life of your machinery for as long as possible. Don’t ignore weird sounds, alerts, or malfunctioning equipment for too long. Most things, if taken care of in a timely manner, are easy to fix and maintain.