Historically, scanning documents could easily become an extremely tedious task. With early document scanners, you’d need to load a single page at a time, wait for it to scan, and then save the file manually on your computer.

Thankfully, in 2023, document scanners have come a long way.

Far from the oversized, slow machines we might be used to, there’s a document scanner that’s perfect for virtually any task you can think of. 

Here’s a look at some of the capabilities of industry-leading office scanners in 2023.

Quick and efficient document scanning

If you frequently have to scan multipage documents, it’s essential to invest in a document scanner with excellent continuous scanning capabilities.

Back in the day, having to scan a 200-page document meant having to deal with each page individually– but those days are gone. Today, you can simply place your document in the tray, hit a button, and walk away. When you come back, your document has been scanned and stored on your computer, freeing up your time to complete other important tasks.

Of course, continuous scanning isn’t brand new in 2023– but the speed and efficiency with which today’s scanners can handle the task is more impressive than ever!

High-resolution photo scanning

Most of our photos exist digitally these days– stored in the cloud, on our phones, or on social media.

However, for many industries, scanning hard copies of photographs is an essential task.

Not just any document scanner is well-suited for photo scanning. Using the wrong scanner for the job might result in lower-resolution images or other issues that could even render the photos unusable.

Finding the perfect photo scanner is key. While many photo scanners are extremely expensive, there are affordable scanning options that can help you obtain crisp, high-resolution, vibrant images while still staying within budget.

Plus, good news for people scanning large-format photographs– you don’t necessarily need to invest in a massive flatbed photo scanner.

Instead, some photo scanner models have the capability to scan larger images in segments and then digitally combine the segments to recreate the full image in all its glory.

Improved organization

Imagine being tasked with finding a single form in an office where important documents are stored in file cabinets. You might have to search through thousands of papers in order to find what you’re looking for, particularly if the file cabinets aren’t as organized as you might like.

With today’s document scanners, you’re able to scan large quantities of documents quickly and efficiently– but you’re also able to keep things much more organized.

Creating document naming presets within your scanner can ensure that all scanned documents end up in the right places, with the correct file names to ensure that you can find anything you need at the touch of a button.

In the event of an audit or any legal issues, the ability to find the relevant documents quickly is an absolute lifesaver.

Convenience and versatility

“Portable” and “document scanner” seem like two terms that just don’t really go together. After all, a scanner is a large machine that takes up a lot of desk space, right?

Actually, in 2023, your scanner doesn’t need to take up any desk space at all!

Today, you can invest in a handheld, portable scanner that you can simply put in your purse or briefcase and bring with you to client meetings or anywhere else you conduct business. These scanners can scan high-resolution images and keep documents organized with USB storage.

At Central Business Equipment, we’re here to help your business become as efficient as possible. We know the ins and outs, technical specs and maintenance requirements, of virtually any type of office equipment you can think of– and we’re here to help you find the equipment that’s perfect for your workflow.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the amazing new document scanner technology available in 2023, give us a call today!