Types of Office Equipment (Checklist) for a Fully Functional Office

Modern offices require modern office equipment. Whether you’ve been in your current office space for years, you’re budgeting for a move, or you’re migrating to a new office space, consider what your business needs to fully functional and highly efficient. Today, every office has unique technology and equipment needs. Follow this checklist to keep your business running at top speed and your team equipped for success!


Whether your team works in cubicles, an open office environment, private offices, or some other configuration, their workstations can either help or hinder them. No matter what your office setup looks like, your employees and managers need effective and efficient workspaces outfitted with the right equipment to get the job done. That includes:

  • Desktop or Laptop Computers

Consider whether your employees need to take their computers with them on sales or service calls and what specs they need to do their best work with plenty of CPU storage and RAM to keep your computers meeting the demands of your business into the future.

  • Multiple Monitors

To help your employees efficiently manage their projects, multiple monitors for desktops or a plug-and-play extra monitor for docked laptops can make a huge difference!

  • Office Furniture

An ergonomic desk chair and ample desk space should be standard; but consider whether your team might also need monitor stands, laptop stands, filing cabinets, and work lamps to do their best work.

  • Communication Devices

If your team regularly interacts with customers or clients via telephone or video conference, make sure they have the appropriate equipment – like a quality webcam and headset/microphone to present a professional image.

Business Machines

While each of your team members may have their own technology needs to do their best work, your office will be best served by shared business machines that meet your overall needs. These machines can sometimes present a considerable investment by your business. Take some time to research each machine and decide whether it’s better for your business to buy or lease them from a reputable dealer who offers maintenance and service plans. Don’t assume that if you already have a shared printer you’re good to go! Most offices need all of the following, but every business needs at least 2-3 of the following business machines:

  • Printers/Copiers

You can often find combination business machines that print, copy, and scan documents; just make sure that your business’s individual needs aren’t greater than a single machine can handle! Consider how many pages you print in a given year, how much control over print costs you need, and how many machines you might need.

  • Scanners

When it comes to digitizing documents and files, scanning contracts or long documents to send customers or clients, or producing high-quality digital images, you can’t beat a dedicated scanner. If your team deals with lots of documents individually, consider desktop scanners.

  • Shredders

Keep your customer, client, and corporate data safe by investing in a shredder that protects sensitive information and helps you stay in compliance with data security best practices.

  • Attendance Solutions

Simplify your time-keeping and record-keeping by adding an attendance solution to your office that makes it quick and easy for employees to clock in and out and streamlines your payroll and HR processes.

Collaboration Equipment

Whether your team members need to meet with customers and clients or with other employees to keep your business growing, collaboration equipment is key! From consultation offices to conference rooms, outfit your collaborative spaces with equipment that makes it easy to work together. Consider:

  • Dynamic Furniture

Rolling chairs and dynamic tables meant to be fitted together or pulled apart facilitate a flexible workspace for groups of all sizes.

  • Presentation Equipment

Consider what projectors, screens, remotes, pointers, and other technology you might need to get your point across in meetings with the team or your customers and clients.

  • Whiteboards

Nothing beats a whiteboard wall or rolling whiteboards with dry erase markers to document teamwork and facilitate idea sharing; help your team tackle projects with plenty of whiteboard space!

Equip Your Office With Help From the Pros

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