Utilizing Mail Room Equipment for Business Efficiency

More likely than not, a visit to the post office isn’t going to blow you away. In all honesty, they can seem to be pretty mundane. In hindsight, however, post offices are extremely complex and efficient…just think about the thousands and thousands of packages that travel all over the world to be received by someone who is located miles away. There are systems in place in order to get letters and boxes from one point to another in a way that is quick and accurate. Imagine what your business could do with mail room equipment that increases efficiency while decreasing the amount of time your employees spend on mail services and functions.

To receive the benefits that mail room equipment can bring to your office, it first helps to understand the different services that are out there. Oftentimes, businesses aren’t aware of the types of technology that are available in order to create a high-functioning, internal mailroom that will save both time and money.


Mailroom Software

There are many different kinds of mailroom softwares, such as QTrak, MailOne, and more. These softwares offer a variety of services, but MailOne, for example, makes the mailing process easier by allowing you to quickly figure out the best shipping methods in order to save money on costs. Additionally, it will track and save your records for you to look back on and utilize in order to make reports for budgets and more. Another mailing software, QTrak, makes keeping up with mail and packages easy. As businesses are becoming more and more reliant on technology, the need to track mail digitally is increasingly important. QTrak does just that, allowing recipients to receive email or text alerts to track mail.


Office Postage Meters

If you’re looking for mail room equipment, a postage meter is a good investment for your business. They save your employees trips to the post office for stamps and then takes away the hassle of stamping envelopes one-by-one. Postage meters are digital, so postage can be re-upped at anytime. In short, letters are quickly passed through the machine and stamped automatically. Postage is accurately calculated every time, and often, meters grant access to discounts through USPS.  


Folder Technology

A folder inserter does exactly what the name suggests-it folds and inserts your mail into envelopes for you. Not only does this free up time and allow you to focus on other things, but it also produces consistently professionally-folded mail for your customers and clients to receive.  No matter the size of your business, there are mail room equipment options available to make mailing tasks less of a chore. Depending on your needs, there are folder inserters to prepare 1,000 mailings under an hour or 2,500 mailings per hour, and that’s just at a low-volume. High-volume folder inserters are available for businesses that process mail in larger quantities.


Finding Mail Room Equipment for Your Business

Now that you’re aware of what mail room solutions are out there, you might be interested in exploring what options could be right for your office. Central Business Equipment, located in Little Rock, can be your resource for any questions or inquiries you may have. We can guide you to the right equipment based off of your mailing needs. Want to talk about it? We can be reached at our location or you can give us a call at 501-833-8150.