When to Call A Printer Repairman

Having a printer that’s out of order seems to happen so often that it’s become a running office joke. However, when you have work to do and you can’t, it certainly doesn’t seem like a laughing matter. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to work on your printer. You may be able to change the toner or resolve a simple error message. 

Then there are times when it isn’t a DIY job. If your office printer has these problems, you want to call for printer maintenance right away.


A Paper Jam Is Inaccessible

Most office workers know that a printer paper jam is something they can clear themselves. However, sometimes they open the machine and begin roughly pulling paper out. This can result in the paper tearing, leaving the printer jammed.

If you can’t reach the scraps of paper causing a problem, or the paper jam is inaccessible, you’ll want to call for printer repair. Despite your frustration, don’t hit or try to force the printer mechanisms. That can lead to a much larger repair job!


The Printer is Displaying a Maintenance Code

Many of today’s printers will display an error code to let technicians know when something is wrong. These codes are specifically for a printer maintenance professional, so don’t try to clear them yourself.

Instead, if you see a maintenance code or error, call to get help with your broken printer. A technician can take care of the issue quickly and efficiently. If you try to do it yourself, you could cause additional problems. 

Not all error messages are serious, but you don’t want to delay in getting service. If you let something go for a long time, it could result in a more serious error or repair. 


A Loud Printer

Sometimes a printer makes noise, especially if it’s older. However, everyone in your office should know the normal level of noise for your particular printer. 

If your machine starts making more noise than usual, or you hear a grinding noise, turn the machine off and look for pinter repair right away. Hopefully, it’s a minor issue, but you don’t want to take the risk of having a major breakage.

When the technician looks at your broken printer, they will know whether it needs some oil or needs a part replaced, or anything in between.


Something Doesn’t Smell Right

Freshly printed paper has a unique smell, but you shouldn’t have strong odors coming from your printer. If you smell something coming from the machine, from a strong scent of toner to a burning odor, it’s vital to get immediate maintenance. 

There may be a minor smell of toner or dust if the printer has been unused for a while, or if the machine hasn’t been cleaned off in a long time. A new machine may also have some odors as the residue of the manufacturing process airs out. 

However, if your machine has been in operation for a good amount of time and usually doesn’t smell, having a strong odor is a sure sign you need to look for professional repair help.


You’re About to Replace the Broken Printer

There is certainly a time for printers to be replaced, but before you spend the money, take a moment. Ask yourself, “Can someone fix my printer?” 

It’s always cheaper to have a repair done than to replace the unit. Of course, if your printer needs frequent repairs, you may decide that moving on to a newer machine is the best option. But it’s not always an obvious choice.

Before you scrap your printer and invest in a new one, consider calling a technician to see if printer repair is a better option. It may be the right answer financially, especially if things are tight at the moment!


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