Renting Office Equipment: Is it Worth It?

Are you missing some equipment for your office, or worried that one of your pieces of equipment is about to break down? Instead of going out and purchasing all the equipment you need, you should consider renting it instead. For many companies, office equipment rentals are the perfect solution for their needs, especially when the equipment is only needed temporarily. Keep reading to find out the advantages of renting office equipment, and if it might be right for your business.

Less Upfront Costs

Even if you need new equipment right away, now might not be the best time to make a large purchase. If you are inundated with startup costs, business is slow, you have bad debt, or your business simply doesn’t have enough room in the budget for the cost of your new equipment, a rental will allow you to keep your business running with the necessary equipment, without breaking the bank. When you rent your office equipment, you pay by the month or year, and this requires far less upfront money. This also allows you to focus your budget on growing your business and producing more output, instead of scrambling to meet short-term budget goals.

Greater Functionality

Businesses that buy all their equipment outright are often under-equipped because they can’t afford to buy everything they really need. Renting, on the other hand, enables you to fill your office with more equipment than you would be able to afford through purchasing. That means you can accomplish more and make more money.

Regular Updates

Many types of equipment require regular updates to keep up with industry standards. Renting your office equipment allows you to change out your office equipment for new models or updated technology when needed. Many rental plans take into account technology updates and save you from spending too much on new tech.

Short-Term Options

One of the best benefits of renting office equipment is that you can choose from various term lengths.  This enables you to get short-term rentals, which are beneficial if you need to temporarily replace a broken piece of equipment or you have a busy season.  Rentals allow you to keep up the pace without falling behind.

Specialized Equipment

Businesses sometimes have one-time projects that require specialized equipment, from large format printers to three-dimensional scanners.  The cost of purchasing equipment for a single project is a heavy burden on the budget, and is often prohibitory to new initiatives. Renting specialized office equipment for the short term is a much better solution.  

Options Galore

If you want to test different options to see which type of equipment works best for your needs, renting office equipment allows you to try out different options.  Even if you are not trying out different pieces of office equipment, office equipment rentals provide you with plenty of choices so that you can get the office equipment you need, for the period of time you need.